The Historic Records of Test Games and Team Excursions.

1. Songdeh FA versus Kanifing Layout United

The Under 20, of Songdeh FA battled with Kanifing Layout United on two test matches scheduled on different occasions at the Sept Fowlis field. We won the opponent on the first combat by 1, 0, the goal was scored by Muhammed Bah. We had a draw on the second derby game. The second game was precisely a tough one, the opponent were more prepared to even the records on a win balance statistics, and this was practically very possible during the first half of the game when they had scored two goals to settle the records on 2,0. The second half was approached very differently and the boys fought back to even the scores to 2,2 by [Insert Picture]Saihou Colley that eventually put the two equalizing goals to end the game at the last 20 mins.

2. Songdeh FA versus Sanghai FC and Manga 11

These two matches were reckoned to be COMPULSORY WIN  games to qualify the team for the Senior Seasonal NAWETTAN league which last for two months. These games were highly competitive and physical and these important matches were considered to be the very first appearance of the academy to play a competitive national domestic tournament. The first game was fixed and scheduled to take on Sanghai FC considered as the giant of Serrekunda West Mini Stadium and the sport committee prominent team. The opponent was beaten 1, 0 and goal was scored by [Insert Picture]Yankuba Manneh an agile, talented and skillful attacking forward. The final game to win and qualify for the league was unfortunately a difficult one on our side and we had to lose against Manga 11 by 1, 0. This team had appeared 5 consecutive seasons to eventually make it through as the qualifiers. 

3. Songdeh FA versus Wallindan (First Division Team)

The Under 20, took on Wallindan (First Division Team) on a test game scheduled last week Friday the 6th of November 2015 at 5pm GMT at the GTTI school ground as part of their pre-season test matches preparation programs. The game was organized to stimulate sharing soccer experiences and best football  practices. The giants at national level has the highest records of trophies ever after over other existing divisional teams in Gambia and most remarkable strong side. But regardless, of their good official historic records and best strong side the young players determinedly summoned the courage to take the GIANTS. The stronger side of the opponent conceded a goal after 25 mins of the first half after a strong offensive pushed by; Lamin Keita known as York taken on two defenders on the extreme left wing to drive into the eighteen yard box to trigger a powerful short on the last post which eventually was finished by; Matarr Touray, first historic goal ever for Songdeh against Wallindan a divisional team.
The giants reciprocated by utilizing their wonderful chanced on a set piece by a corner kick to put a goal behind the net which ended on draw 1,1 scores at the 35 mins of the first 45 mins. On the second half, Wallindan took on the lead by 2-1 at the 70 mins of the game. Baboucarr Nicol also known as Nicol (Second Captain) had a clear chance applying a coiled short on the ball to target the 90 degree angle of the goal post which was unimaginably finger tipped by the Goal keeper. The remaining 20 mins of the game was left to determine whether the young boys were going to even the scores or rather lose the game. The goal happened just at the last 20 mins of the match when a deflation occurred resulting to a corner kick. The corner kick was taken by; Prospierre Saidy known as Samba Gustavo and the ball was headed into the extreme last goal post by; Serign Njie known as Amba the LAST SUBSTITUTE for the game. Both teams pushed and played very professionally. The ball possession was rated at a balance comparison figure at 50% on the both sides. The three remarkable players of the day on songdeh Fa side  were; Lamin Cherno known as Che, Gibril Camara known as Rakitic and Alieu Gomez known as Ozil (Midfield General and Man of the Match). The match resulted on a draw scores 2-2 which marveled and stunt the opponent and credited an overwhelming records and performance for the technical staff.

4. Songdeh FA versus Hawks Second Division and the Youth Team

The Under 20, had another experienced with Hawks second division and youth team on a test matched scheduled the 13th of November 2015 at the Sept Fowlis school ground at 4:30p, GMT. This renowned and well published game was very experiential and tough match for the both teams. The game timing was approached in three sequential 30 mins intervals in order to accommodate players of Hawks. Songdeh FA approached the game with an 18 man squad only whilst the opponent approached the game with three sets of fresh eleven (11). The match was tough and difficult, both coaches approached the match with different formation and game statistics but to no avail. The offensive strategies for both teams did not materialized regardless of the slimmed chances that occurred for both teams  defended very well. On the other hand, the match was also too technical and physical which resulted to too many injuries and muscular body cuts sustained on two players of Songdeh. The boys were removed and given medical treatment. However, the match ended on STALEMATE records 0, 0. This was a good sign on Songdeh official test matches records to maintain such marvelous records on the opponent. Well 
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