History of Songdeh FA

Songdehs Football Academy (SFA) was named after the Founder & CEO’s - (Mr Paul Joof) family middle name which is reckoned to be an Inspirer for social change and development. SFA vision is to provide sustainable socio-economic active for youths and youngsters through sports; self-reliance and sustainable livelihood and life skills attributes for both sexes and race. SFA has a mission to transform the lives of youths and youngsters to become national footballers for The Gambia and productive in the society and to enhance nation building, social developments, and economic growth. The institution of the organization stems from the Strong Inspirational dream for social change which Paul Joof had nurtured in his heart desirously wanton to implement to disembark the present societal menaces affecting the lives of young noble and talented Gambians. SFA is using youth football as an effective tool against ignorance, intolerance and indifference. For SFA football provides values such as discipline, integrity, teamwork, trust and respect among others. The organization has established various sports program activities for the purpose of advocating for sports and social development in Gambia. Also these program base initiatives such as soccer for social development and peace building, education and sponsorship, gender equality and entrepreneurship are the mechanism through which the organization implements programs to purposefully combat the social problems affecting youth such as drug intakes, juvenile imprisonment, migration for greener pastures through unapproved routes to Libya boarders etc. SFA on its direction of operation recognize the need to promote football sporting for sustainable socio-economic using the grass root approach in achieving excellent cognizant to the fact that excellent in overall national performance require grass root investment in youngsters are the cornerstone of this initiative.