Songdeh’s Farm Enterprise was founded in December 2013. The farm is located in Sukuta (Jabang), less than an hour’s to and from the Greater Banjul area. The farm supplies vegetables to the coastal tourist industry and local outlets and purpose of our operation are embedded in these principles;

A. To enable sustenance and provide a reliable, consistent supply of freshest organic vegetables to the local market, tourist industry & individuals.

B. It is social farm enterprise- linking producers to consumers in the tourism industry. The notion of provenance & transparency is applied so that our customers know where their food comes from the throughout the value chain.

C. It gives room for social development, from training of graduates and agricultural college students, to individual and organizations that are keen to learn new skills and are interested in social development in The Gambia. The farms also create youth employment opportunities for the Gambian youths and proceeds from farm would be used to support players’ stipends and allowances.

D. It also welcome visitors students, supporting them to develop their research project other endeavors. This streamline is also an avenue enterprise that focused on empowering WOMEN community gardens and local Gambian producers vegetables to develop their farming endeavors.

In this program the management plans to support community gardens facing the below problems;

1. Challenges of Insufficient water supply.
2. Garden Fence dilemmas.
3. Animal Intrusion.
4. Pest and Disease attacked.
5. Poor tropical seeds for quality produce so that they would be enabled to sell product quality at competitive prices. This would enable them to generate good earnings to live a better life and which enhance provision for basic, household food materials and physical needs.

The farm is managed by experienced and knowledgeable experts, who have spent 10 years in the NGO world dealing with farmers, social enterprises, business and other organization. These are people who are committed to social development in The Gambia and have vast experience in managing social enterprises effectively.

Songdeh’s farm is looking forward to creating viable employment opportunities amongst youths and adults, while at the same time providing a reliable source of quality food for consumers.


The Farm is temporarily under maintenance as we had experienced some technicalities that eventually stop the operations. The hired young boys eventually evacuated in searching for greener pastures.

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