December 2014 - Phase 1 Cleansing Exercise

Songdehs football Academy is pleased to successfully document its first planned implemented program activity one since its inception in August and got officially registered dated 02nd December 2014 as charitable organization. Its drives and passion to social change and development marks a colossal impact on its cleansing exercise by removing and clearing the bins, anti littering waste and cabbages in neighbor’s houses within its community Kanifing Housing Estate. The community is housed with approximately 800 compounds which comprises of blocks A – H. Our progress activity report concentrated on only Block C and G respectively which constitutes 210 residences including the Serrekunda Hospital on the further edge.


Songdehs football academy marks its first cleansing exercise targeting 210 compounds and the central Serrekunda Hospital within the community of kanifing Housing Estate.  The planning staged of this unanimous exercise incorporated the collaborating bodies that are Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) and National Environmental agency (NEA) that supported to enhance the achievement of this event. The provision of a service delivery truck, tractor and supervisors/ coordinators from KMC contributed immensely to the success. As social workers we have demonstrated to compliment the efforts of KMC and NEA to keep our environment and homes clean. The exercise has prompt the management to discourage anti littering, waste disposal in an unfinished houses and careless dumping.

The fulfillment of the whole exercise has given credit to the management of Songdehs football academy within its community the good reputation as real voluntary community workers. The intended purpose was achieved and beneficiaries were so happy demanding for a continue service delivery to encourage cleanliness and environmental safety. Clear indication, has proven that our statistics records taken shows the inconsistency of regular collection of household waste and cabbages and its disposal to closes recommended dumping

Kanifing Estate                Number of Houses                       Resources                             Observations
       Block C                                              85                                     Logistics & manpower                             Successful

        Block G                                             85                                      Logistics & manpower                             Successful

Uncompleted Buildings                         25                                                                                                      Waste Disposal                             
                 Residences                             15                                      Private Collectors                                 Already Cleaned

Serrekunda Hospital                       
Comprehensive ward                                                                      Logistics & manpower                              Successful

Beneficiaries Remarks

The identified residence whose homes were cleaned made various genuine remarks such as;

1.   That such initiative should be a continuation process once every month.
2.   That the cleansing process should include other residence within the community.
3.   Parents and love ones within the community shared their worm wishes for the sustainable growth of the organization.

Cleansing Exercise Data Analysis. Total Number of Houses = 210 (105 +105) Each Block

Beneficiaries Contributions

Some few homes donated the task force with;

1.   Plastic hand gloves.
2.   Small cash tokens.

As discussed by the management, the outcome of this holistic exercise was so prompt despite the change of date previously scheduled on the 20th December 2014. Clear indication has shown that the management is flexible to adapt to changes. Observations have also revealed that the outcome was great, our managerial joint effort and synergy responded to need to face the challenged.

In conclusion, we have discovered that such venture being first of its kind has brought enormous happiness to the beneficiaries. We have also discovered that the unfinished task to cover the other blocks will be completed in the second phase by next year. The limiting factors that retard the efficacy of our operation were the fact that we lack the required protective equipments such as hand gloves, wellington boots and nose mask. Some actors sustained injuries and cuts etc. The outlook was not that great because we lack also T-shirts and hats for uniformity as social workers.

Improvises such as logistics, wheel barrows, rakes, cutlasses, spade, and HD video Camera we would recommend in future to be provided so that our work would be made easier and much will be accomplish within the shortest period of time.  
February 2015 - Social Farming Enterprise and Business
Songdeh Football Academy (SFA) has implemented yet another successful social farming Enterprise and business program activity dated on the 1st of February 2015. The activity report entails farm visit to Ndemban Women Community Garden situated in Western region distance from the urban area is 120km which is probably 2hrs drive on good tar road infrastructure. The garden community space is roughly about 3 hectares with all inclusive and incomplete structures on ground; water drainage system, ineffective energy supply from solar panels, over head water tank, wells and endless labour intensity.

The women community garden currently has 120 members whose ages differ and some other are ageing, and whilst few others have passed away. The minority of the member’s synergy and will power is draining down affectively as they age. The rest of the entire active members are left with the only option to intensify hard labour and will power input to make ends meet at every given day faced with enormous challenges and difficulties. However, the collaborating bodies, as seen on their signage - Concern Universal, European Union and the Taiwanese partners looks inactively supporting financially to boost their vegetable production performances and cultivation. 

SFA, visit marks a tangible impact on the community gardeners by enlightening its concept and mandate after 6 months of inception to the community members. Delegates from SFA actually explained its plan and intention towards development motives using sports as a tool has made the beneficiaries to feel abreast to embrace our support and physical presence. This community garden in particular has unlimited problems and challenges that needs SERIOUS DONOR SUPPORT. To mention just few,

Garden Fence problem – which eventually permit animal intrusion such as cow, goats, monkeys that eat most of their farm produces.

Poor quality seeds NOT Hybrid tropical seeds.

Unsophisticated device such as local well – the will power required in fetching water is labour intensive and considering the women’s age they are elderly and cannot do more than their strength can take.

Lack of Marketing Outlet.

Lack of Logistic to collect farm produce and sell to closet market in the urban area.

Pest attacks etc.

Songdehs football academy has purchased newly and donated good quality hybrid tropical seeds to the farming community given below;

Tomato TIN 50grams – Estimated volume of produce is 2, 500 Kilos.

Sweet Pepper TIN 100grams – Estimated volume of produce is 800 Kilos.

The numbers as shown in the table below and the estimated budget income level from the production of these donated seeds will yield these amounts as projected by the women farmers and that such cash can help them in various means such as follows;

Paying for their children school fees.
Buying good liquid chemical to prevent pest infestation

Purchase of rice bag 50kgs and meeting personal commitments.
We entreat donors and SFA partners to strongly join us to support our social development work in Gambia and most especially recommend other institutions and financial organizations to empower our work financially to address the importance of the MDGs and UN sustainable development goals and objectives. Together, we can bring the change that hail sustenance and development suppressing poverty menaces, health issues, unemployment for all, and making provision for economic growth, sufficient energy supply, national development, promoting sufficient food productivity and self sufficiency.

January 2015 - Entrepreneurship Activity Report
Football for entrepreneurship, as laid out in our aims and objectives is focused on enabling Songdeh Football Academy players to have easy access to funds available in their individual respective accounts to finance their personal basic, physical and material needs. The purpose is sensibly driven concentrating on the basic essentiality of acquiring funds for members/players or youth athletes for the following reasons;

1. Encouraging early savings.

2. Providing funds for basic physical and material needs.

3. Advocating for entrepreneurship in the short or longer terms.

4. Eliminating poverty.

5. Opportunities to use disposal funds to pay for tuition fees, schools fee etc.

6. Players can use funds to purchase educational materials.

Youth athletes can use funds to pay for his/her personal medical bills should the need arise.
Provision and source of funding to run and keep individual youth athlete’s respective accounts active are enlisted below;

a) Sales accrue from the selling of the founder’s organic vegetable farm produce.

b) Applying for players grants through Global team player foundation (GTPF). Our first USA partner organization promoting professional athletes and given assistance to amateur athletes in form of soft grants facilities. You are permitted to go through our partner website to confirm the authenticity of this information.

However, the youth athlete has multiple options to decide what is best for him/herself that is if he/she is unable to achieve his/her dream of becoming a professional footballer or and would like to forgo football playing to rather start a small business or become a small trader, or would like to further his/her education, he/she has entirely complete ownership of the account and he/she is oblige to withdraw funds and used it for other purposes. The organization, as at this juncture will stop acquiring funds to fund their respective personal accounts.

On following our planned activities set out for January, we were able to successfully open four bank accounts for four of our players with Trust Bank ltd on the 8th of January 2015. We are partnering with Trust Bank Gambia ltd our first supreme partner supporting and empowering our project initiative. They have extensively funded our operations with remarkable cash donation of D30, 000 which is equivalent to $640. 
Songdeh, currently has opened ten accounts for the above listed players because they are the first set of batches that submitted the required documents needed to open their accounts.
Furthermore, we are working hard on getting the remaining team players to bring forward their required documents in order to continue opening accounts for the rest of the others to fulfill our paramount duties and objectives for the Entrepreneurship programs. The social impact needs worth tackling towards the fulfillment of the MDGs and Sustainable developments goals (SDGs) and objectives. Together we can eradicate the eight millennium development goals with adequate financial/donor support and strong cohesion given to our good organization (Songdeh) to drive on making the social impact within our communities, youths, economic growth, national growth, promoting gender equality etc.
Opening Of New Bank Saving Account for Youths

The management of Songdeh Football Academy successfully opened bank saving accounts for the first batch of youths. The first batch comprised of: Muhammed Jangum, Alieu Drammeh and Pa Sulayman Jammeh.

This is what they had to say about Songdeh Football Academy:

1. Muhammed Jangum
My name is Muhammed Jangum, I am 19 years old. I have great love and passion for football and would love to become a professional. I have never been given the opportunity to play at any level with all my hard work of training with other teams within the community I live. I was less considered and most of my trainers did not perceived me as a good player and eventually I had the belief that I should quit. Then after, sometime I had to bury the  dream of becoming a footballer because all the opportunities and doors ahead I saw were closed and the light that brightened my way were also going off from then I had to find another alternative that was to further my education as that is what my family always wanted. I lived my life of which my dreams were buried, then fortunately I was informed that a team was newly build for young people who are not given the chance to play.

Initially, I thought it was going to be the same set up as the previous teams I had trained with and suddenly I took it very unserious until a day comes when I gave it a try to visit the football field and watched them train. I was amazed with the numbers of players and mates I saw playing then I decided to give myself a last try and finally I joined Oct 2014. It was very interesting at the early stage of my experience and I felt that it was different. I had a nice good coach who filled my soul with courage that I could make it in football. Align to that I met mates and other people with different style of play which helped me improve a lot. After some time, the team was renamed to Songdeh Football Academy and in a tickle of an eye the dream that I had buried suddenly came out of its grave and was back to life. Our weekly evening trainings allow me to socialise more with my team mates and the love I received from the officers. More also, I was so motivated by the fact that the academy earned couple of partnerships both local and international then eventually I sense that the doors started opening. Another nice experience was that I earned a bus transport allowance to cover my cost to go to college and then after I was given a new bank saving account which I felt that what lies ahead is bright and my path is gaining momentum.

This act was the least of my expectation in Gambian football after everything I went through but now I am hoping and believing that many good things are coming on my way. Songdeh football academy made my dream come true and I am in safe hands. Some people say that I leave my house every evening to go the pitch for something that would not last but when I leave my house every evening I spend my time with my play mates as one family because this is what we are. I am very proud to stand up high to say am from Songdeh FA and I wish there were better words to say other than thank you the management of Songdeh FA.
2. Alieu Drammeh
My name is Alieu Drammeh, I am 22 years old, graduated 2012 at Gambia Senior Secondary School. Ever since I graduated I could not further my education career. I therefore assess myself and thought that I am a looser and got nobody to make me stand firm. My courage got stuck in a mud and some people would even face me and say to me that I am not a man, just because I don’t smoke or take green tea (Ataya), alcohol and get into drugs intakes. Life is a choice, how to live in it depends on you. Do not let someone thoughts bring you down.
However, I was chatting with a friend and he told me about Songdeh football academy and he invited me to come at the pitch one day to watch the academy training session and getting to the field inspired to join. I discovered the athletes train so hard, play as a team and all have one positive thought in their minds is to be a better person and that Songdeh FA is prepared to make it happen.

I decided to join the academy November 2014 after one month, I was opportune to be among the first three to possess a new bank savings account couple with that my courage was rebuilt and I thought I was dreaming but it wasn’t a dream is reality it happened. I was so overwhelmed that I roll down tear of joy in my heart. In addition, the academy also has on its plans to support furthering drop outs from school, helping to solve their personal problem and offering counselling to all youths. I believe now that I am not alone anymore. Songdeh FA is my guiding angel. I ever lived in the world of darkness for ages and did not have the chance to live right so that great opportunities ahead could come my way. Notwithstanding, with Songdeh FA strong partnership network my future is bright for this cause I am ready to fight whatever obstacles that stands on my way and will always be ready to play for the academy.

Exciting things also about Songdeh FA approach are its development program activities. Its first social development activity known as cleansing exercise was implemented 13th December 2014 that is visiting neighbour’s houses within its community to collect their trash and bins advocating for cleanliness and environmental safety. Songdeh FA does not only make their players and athletes happy but they also make our families and its community happy as well. Sondeh FA concept and approach on sports for development is very unique and special. I have never seen such kind of approach in the Gambia on sport development.
I believe that is just the beginning of progress! I will live to remember that better is not good enough the best is yet to come! Thank you the management of Songdeh FA for changing my life and make me believe myself. Long live the entity.

3. Pa Sulayman Jammeh

My name is Pa Sulayman Jammeh, I am 22 years old. Ever since I was a boy, I always wanted to be happy whether rich or poor. I am a graduate from Ndows Comprehensive Senior Secondary School. I am a certificate and diploma holder in banking and finance. I always wanted to be a banker but also had a passion for football. The community in which I live is composed with lots of young kids who have great gifted talents for the game and when I look onto these kids they inspired to me put more effort to develop myself mentality. I thought within myself that I need to redouble up efforts to become a better or good player.

One faithful day, I was chatting with a friend and he informed about the new academy’s plans and aspiration. I decided to go and take a look for myself and when I arrived at the pitch, I was so glad because I saw a lot of young talents that were not selected in other teams with the community. Then I joined them and eventually I started experiencing motivation, zeal to become a professional footballer. I met new mates, and friends that I described as intimate brothers. I used to believe that it is difficult to produce professional footballers in the Gambia but the concept of Songdeh FA has proofed me wrong and has given me the chance to become one of a kind and my mates in Gambia.

I was stunt to be very fortunate among the others to possess a new bank savings account and this made me feel like a professional athlete. I am so glad to be part of this football academy. This is my first achievement in my area of discipline as a sport athlete. I will do my utmost best to take the academy to the highest level for global recognition. Thank you the management of Songdeh FA.
February 2015 - Phase 2 Cleansing Exercise
Organized by Songdeh Football Academy
In Collaboration with Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC)
Date 21st February 2015
Phase two cleansing Exercise marks another successful program activity. This activity covered Block D and H which are composed of 164 homes and including the Police Station.

The purpose is to reach all the houses and clean their homes and environment. Our environment should be protected so that our children would play around and be free from danger and hazards entanglement.
Beneficiaries Remarks / Contributions

Beneficiaries whose homes were cleaned expressed their sincere love and happiness for this noble gesture and promise to give back community support to Songdeh FA management. Majority of the homes donated hand gloves and small tokens to support our sport for development initiative.
April 2015 - Youth Leadership Camp in Germany
Songdeh Football Academy was invited to the 15th Youth Leadership Program funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, will offer the young leaders an intensive 12-day curriculum, which includes workshops by some of the leaders in sports for development.

15th Youth Leadership Program Berlin, Germany 
13th-24th April 2015
The 15th edition of the YLP welcomed 29 participants representing 16 countries of Africa, Asia and Europe at the Kienbaum Sports Centre near Berlin.The camp, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, will offer the young leaders an intensive 12-day curriculum, which includes workshops by some of the leaders of sport for development field: Youth Sport Trust, GIZ, International Olympic Truce Centre, International Paralympic Committee, English Football Association, International Table Tennis Federation, Badminton World Federation, Boxgirls International and Alba Berlin.

Wilfried Lemke visited the camp to meet the young people from 16 countries, actively involved in transforming their communities through sport, and speak to them about the United Nations’ vision of the contribution sport can make towards advancing global development goals. 

Together with the participants of the camp, Mr. Lemke then attended the High Level Dinner jointly hosted by the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

The event was aimed at raising awareness among German stakeholders of the importance of investing in education of the young generation of sport for development activists.

In attendance of the event was the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Mr. Thomas Silberhorn, Vice President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation Mr. Stephan Abel, as well as Ambassadors of the countries represented by the participants, the business sector, national and international sports organisations. The youth leaders were given an opportunity to share and describe their experiences at the camp and develop the ideas they have sourced for improving their projects back at home. 

The importance of the 12th days LYC has definitely show case the need for learning and knowledge sharing by all other countries participants. To mention one common valuable experienced by all participants, was Songdeh program activity on FOOTBALL FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP which endeavours to open new bank savings accounts for its players to take sole responsibility of the allocated funds into their respective accounts to support helping to finance their basic, physical, educational material and other prominent needs. This remarkable activity program stunt and made all other participants to admire the CONCEPT and promise to return home and adopt such initiative as a BEST PRACTICE APPROACH. We have received evidential messages from few friends of Aramata Rita Mendy that their organizations have begun strategizing on building to implement this UNIQUE PROGRAM ACTIVITY.  Enlisted countries and organizations that have emulated this program are as follows;
Ghana -  Play Soccer/Oguaa Football for Hope Centre
Jordan -  Peaceplayers
Uganda - SEFU
News & Events
July 27th 2016
The management of Songdehs football Academy is proud to publicly declare that they have officially signed today Wednesday, 27th of July 2016 the player loan transfer agreement document with Kanifing Layout Football Club (KLFC). Local player loan transfer agreement cannot be compared with International big signing in or player loan transfer. So the management introduce this concept at home to raise funds to sustain the operations of the academy. Seven players are shortlisted to participate in the Big Regional Tournament commonly known as NAWETTAN which last for two months. In this tournament, good performing players could be potentially scout for the Zonal tournament which is above the NAWETTAN and Divisional football clubs. 
Shortlisted Players Names are given below;
1. Muhammed Mbye - Stricker
2. Saihou Colley - Stricker
3. Malador Jallow - Midfielder
4. Nuha Jarjou - Midfielder
5. Bubacarr Jallow - Att M. Fielder
6. Adama Dibba - Defender
7. Gibril Camara - Defender
The referred players are the FIRST academy signing this year 2016. Their move is really crucial and beneficial to the organization. I encourage viewers, scouts, international football clubs, club directors etc to register there interest for young talents.
Songdeh Football Academy Got Talent.
Contact Person: Mr Paul Joof
Cell No: +220 7228021
Mob No: + 220 350 1992