The organization would like to sponsor youth athletes on their education pursuits, and this would inclusively evolve on supporting player who cannot or access funds to settle school bills, tuition and educational materials. Amongst our plans we would like to do the following;
A. Providing Computer IT.
B. Develop business related & social development courses & disciplines for youth to have choices and options.

This program is initially designed to empower marginalized youth athletes and groups through introducing early saving thereby opening saving accounts for the youths. The primary objective of this initiative is to create new opportunities for the less privilege youths to explore other business endeavors outside of the football discipline. In an event the youth athlete decide to quit playing soccer he can venture into setting up a small scale business model. The proceeds from the farm sales would facilitate enterprising in scale scope. Also, advocating football entrepreneurship through securing football business contracts for the sport athletes to help them realized their sport ambitions and dreams.

Our farming institution focuses on these four basic principles outline below;
A. To enable sustenance and provide a reliable, consistent supply of freshest organic vegetables to the local market, tourist industry & individuals.
B. It is social farm enterprise- linking producers to consumers in the tourism industry. The notion of provenance & transparency is applied so that our customers know where their food comes from the throughout the value chain.
C. It gives room for social development, from training of graduates and agricultural college students, to individual and organizations that are keen to learn new skills and are interested in social development in The Gambia. The farms also create youth employment opportunities for the Gambian youths and proceeds from farm would be used to support players’ stipends and allowances.
D. It also welcome visitors students, supporting them to develop their research project other endeavors. This streamline is also an avenue enterprise that focused on empowering WOMEN community gardens and local Gambian producers vegetables to develop their farming endeavors. In this program the management plans to support community gardens facing the below problems;
1. Challenges of Insufficient water supply.
2. Garden Fence dilemmas.
3. Animal Intrusion.
4. Pest and Disease attacked.
5. Poor tropical seeds for quality produce so that they would be enabled to sell product quality at competitive prices. This would enable them to generate good earnings to live a better life and which enhance provision for basic, household food materials and physical needs. Mustapha Sanneh is direct beneficiary that was donated new hybrid seeds/fuel for his generator machine.

Primarily SFA mandates are to provide training & learning needs for local talent development. Our goal is to provide and develop local talents so that our youths could become the future leaders of tomorrow. The learning principle theory will be applied on every youth through acquiring training needs. These training would be conducted at home and abroad if the need be through exchange visit and best practices. By doing this exercise be believe that we are achieving our aim and objects and equally combating unproductive idle item, discouraging gang, alcohol abuse, active illegal migration by all means possible.

The game soccer is highly a valuable efficacious tool through which peace building can be fostered. Interestingly, the management has realized that sports are goods apparatus to use to expand our boarders and horizons for peace building and community development. The management is very willing to use sport to ignite peace and development through organizing occasional events that would focus on community development for example,
1. Organizing peaceful football tournaments.
2. Sanitation activities known as OPERATION CLEANING EXERCISE.
3. Supporting communities affected by disaster.
4. Providing voluntary support initiatives for community development etc.
5. Community to tackled park & wild life conservation.
6. Endeavoring to support on health and environmental safety.
7. Committing to tackled park and wild life conservation
8. Educating illiteracy on health status.

SFA placed much emphasis and highly valued the quality of the gender. It is a true equal rights and commonality that both genders should be treated accordingly. Discrimination on the basis of gender is extremely forbidden. The purpose of this program activity is comprehensively promoting and focusing on these activities.
1. The rights for men & women, boys & girls to equally have common values.
2. That men and women should be accorded equal treatment.
3. The discouragement of gender discrimination on the basis of gender base violence in society.
4. Addressing the UN declaration mandate on millennium development goal looking at the equality of the gender.
5. Conducting symposium and sensitization program on the equality of the gender in society.
In simple terms gender egalitarianism should imply that all sexes should have equal communal rights and benefits to opportunities, protection, employment, health, education freedom and basic rights to standard of living in society.